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1296 reviews
Great synthetic

I have been very impressed with this brush. Builds a nice lather, has good backbone and yet is soft on the face. I use this brush at home and while traveling for work.

Great for a beginner like me

I am new to wet shaving and this is my first razor. I like the fact that I can swap out the plates for a more mild or aggressive shave. I’ve been impressed with all of the products I have used from Rockwell this far.

New way of shaving

It's too soon to tell how this will work out. I'm very optimistic . I think I used the wrong setting. I'm on blood thinners and that doesn't help.....cheers

Good product

Good quality, best protect for the kids from the blade.

rockwell 6s

Это лучшая бритва из попадавших мне в руки. Летом хочется агрессии -- плита 5/6. Зимой хочется мягкости -- 1/3. Хочется просто быстро привести себя в порядок -- 2/4. Единственное, я бы добавил фрезерованный вариант из стали 303/316L для большего лоска внешнего вида.