KS Update #3 - Thanks to Retailers!

by Gareth Everard September 18, 2014

We wanted to send a big thank you to all the retailers who've reached out to us in the last couple days about carrying the Rockwell 6S in store. We couldn't be more excited that our project is getting your attention! 

After our campaign and once we send all our backers their rewards our goal is to get the Rockwell 6S in stores. But of course our backers come first. So if you're interested in retailing our products email gareth@rockwellrazors.com and we'll set up a time to talk after this campaign. 

Thanks so much for your interest. 200% funded in 2 days! Your support has been amazing. 

Morgan & Gareth - Rockwell Razors

Gareth Everard
Gareth Everard

Co-Founder Rockwell Razors

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Let customers speak for us

1752 reviews
Worth the purchase!

Just ordered this 5/6 plate to test out for myself to see if it's better than using 2/4 plate so far was using 5 to start then switch to 3 for final pass. It works good but will try 6 later on when I'm used to using #5.

Great close shave!

That razor just glides through the foam leaving smooth skin behind! Awesome.

razor fits like a glove

My 6c fits into the inkwell razor stand like a glove.

Excellent shave

I had initially purchased a cheep Qshave razor on amazon just to test the waters. After a couple shaves, I knew I didn't want to go back to cartridge shaving. I decided to pull the trigger and buy a DE razor that would last my lifetime. I ended up finding the rockwell 6s highly recommended on many youtube channels and forums.

The shave I get with this razor is impeccable. Plates 3 and 4 are perfect for everyday shaves, and plates 5 and 6 are great when I neglect shaving for a fewdays-weeks. The construction of the problem and finish is awesome. I love the look of the razor. Very satisfied customer.