KS Update #18 - An Outline of the Steps to Finish a Razor

January 16, 2015

Dear Backers,

We wanted to give you all an update on the finishing process for your rewards. As you know, we’ve been consulting with our manufacturing and finishing partners to solve both functional problems, as well as some aesthetic inconsistencies with some of the Rockwell 6S parts. Our finishing partners are getting us re-finished parts as soon as possible for our approval. After receiving re-finished parts, the caps will be sent out to a machine shop where any remaining unevenness on the underside of the caps will be worked out. To remedy the aesthetic inconsistencies, the caps and the flat surfaces on the plates will be belt-polished, so that the head’s polish matches the texture and appearance of the handle. We will then be checking each piece of every Rockwell 6S to ensure they all meet the high standards we expect. Please note that some surfaces that are invisible when the razor is assembled, such as the underside of the cap and the inner surfaces of the plates, will remain a different finish than the visible surfaces. This this will have absolutely no impact on the function of the razor or the quality of the shave. We were expecting to have a timeline from our finishing partners by the end of this week, but unfortunately we have not heard back from them as of tonight, on the night of January 16th, and expect to now hear from them very early next week. We’re now hoping to have a timeline finalized by the end of next week, and will give you all a week-by-week breakdown of what actions will be taken to get the Rockwell 6S to you as soon as possible. We really appreciate you all waiting just one more week for a more precise timeline, we assure you we're doing all that is possible to get you the best possible finished product.

Thank you to all of you that have sent us requests for new parts, we’ve received your requests and you’ve been entered into our system to be sent the parts once they’re ready.

Thank you all for your continued patience!

Gareth and Morgan


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1519 reviews
Very smooth

Very smooth shave with nr.3, nr.1 didn’t do much, overall very pleased with the product, feels like a real quality product even though it’s made in China, highly recommended

Rockwell Shave Soap

5 star
Wery good smell and wery well working soap. Good sickness and safety.

Lots of Options

I lost my Razor in a move which caused tremendous stress. The razor was quickly replaced so you can't get a much stronger endorsement than that. Now I have a long growth haven't shaved since Thursday and tomorrow is Monday morning. It's nice to know I can put a 4 plate on and get the job done smoothly.

Best razor yet

I have been searching for the best razor and I found it in the Rockwell 6C. Also, a great value. I am done looking

6S, A Razor Built to Last

I’m impressed with the build quality of the 6S. Seems like a heavy duty razor that will last for generations, if passed down. It provides comfortable shaves with the right blade. I must admit that Rockwell blades are not great in my opinion because they lack sharpness and thus whisker cutting ability. I can’t speak to the cream (still using another cream I already had) and the brush yet in that I’ve not tried them. The cream does seem to have a nice barber scent. Brush seems well constructed, but I’ll likely never use because I’m okay with applying cream with fingertips.