Rockwell 6S - Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor


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The Holy Grail of shaving - The Rockwell 6S provides six levels of adjustability, to ensure any and every man can redefine the closeness, smoothness, and comfort of their shave.

    Each Rockwell 6S comes with 5 Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades. 

    • • Eliminates shaving irritation and in-grown hairs for a close, comfortable shave, every time.

      • Patented 6 levels of shaving freedom, to ensure that anyone can redefine the closeness, smoothness, and comfort of their shave.

      • Precision engineered blade angles provide the ultimate shaving experience.

      • Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

      • Proudly forged in the USA using precision metal injection molded space-grade stainless steel.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best product

    This is really excellent product with very comfortable style of shaving. Thank you for such qualitative products. Also ordered Rockwell Model T and waiting delivery.

    Love it

    I've been DE shaving for several years, and quickly found that only a Feather blade gives me a smooth shave. This razor is mild enough to use daily with a Feather. Stainless steel so it won't corrode like plated zinc. The matte finish grips well even when I travel to an area with soft water.

    Good shaver

    One of the most comfortable shavers I own. Very difficult to cut yourself. Only thing I would changed is the dull matte finish. Industrial look but very functional.

    Outstanding Stainless! A true gem in my collection!

    I love this razor! The price point for a quality stainless is perfect. Couldn’t realistically expect more. The flexibility with the various base plates is top notch. When I shave everyday, which is weakly, this is my daily driver! You can’t go wrong.

    Rockwell rust

    My blade has rust stains only after 2 days of using

    Hi Aren, Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! It's very unusual for you to see any sort of stains on the blades. Although it's rare, this can happen when small impurities in the blades react with mineral rich water. We would be more than happy to send you a replacement pack of blades without this defect to see if it solves your problem. Feel free to send us an email at and we'll sort this problem out for you ASAP!


     The Rockwell 6S is a re-engineered safety razor, the gold standard in shaving until the mid-1900's when companies realized they could make more money selling you a disposable cartridge every week, and safety razors disappeared. 

    2,135 backers pre-ordered this incredible razor, re-invented their shave and haven't looked back since!

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