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Our Company

At Rockwell Razors, we craft quality men's goods, thoughtfully designed with a singular focus on delivering a superior shave. 



Rockwell Razors is an experienced product design and manufacturing team, and it all started on Kickstarter (with our previous crowdfunded razor, the Rockwell 6S) . We're dedicated to providing incredible shaving value to our thousands of backers all over the world. After not being satisfied with the first version of the product delivered to our backers from our previous campaign, we upgraded the design and manufacturing, made a whole new product, and delivered it to every backer of the campaign, at no additional charge. Actually, VentureBeat recently had us write a guest post on that incredible journey . We take fulfilling our promises to you very seriously and have the track record to prove it.


Superior Technology

Rockwell Razors products are made from durable metal and are based on Rockwell’s patented adjustability system. Rockwell’s products adjust from Size 1 to Size 6 - lower settings are great for men with 1 to 3 day old stubble or sensitive skin, while the higher settings are great for men removing serious stubble / beards, or men who are prone to razor bumps when shaving with cartridges. Rockwell Razors use double-edge razor blades, which cost only 10 cents, which represents massive savings over even the cheapest cartridges.

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