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Smooth and Comfortable Shaves

Company Overview

Rockwell Razors designs and manufactures disruptive men’s shaving technology, including razors that are customizable and adjustable to any and every man. By using double-edge razor blades coupled with an adjustable shave system, Rockwell Razors offers not only a smooth, comfortable shave, but also eliminates the need to purchase expensive and environmentally hazardous cartridge razors.



Rockwell Razors improves men’s shaving experience by offering a shave tailored to any man, through adjustability and customizability, by innovating on classic razors that use double-edge blades instead of cartridges.


Superior Design

Rockwell Razors products are made from durable metal and based on Rockwell’s patent-pending adjustability system. Rockwell’s products adjust from Size 1 to Size 6, lowest settings are great for men with 1 to 3 day old stubble or sensitive skin, while the higher settings are great for men removing serious stubble / beards, or men who are prone to razor bumps when shaving with cartridges. Rockwell Razors use double-edge razor blades, which cost only 10 cents, which represents massive savings over even the cheapest cartridges.



The Rockwell adjustability system is based around small tweaks in the gap and angle between the razor blade and razor. These small tweaks offer a customizable experience that help men achieve a close, comfortable shave every time - without buying expensive cartridges on relying on a monthly subscription for their shaving tools.
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