How do I put the blade into the safety razor?

Follow these four steps to replace or insert blades into your Rockwell 6S safety razor:
1. Unscrew the head from the handle.
2. Separate the two sides of the head, being careful to avoid touching the used blade (if there's one in there).
3. Insert the new blade into the head.
4. Replace the caps of the head and reattach the handle.
Remember: Whatever number you see on the bottom of the razor is the size you're using to shave.

Where did you come up with the name Rockwell?

We geeked out a bit on this one. The Rockwell Hardness Test is a method for measuring the strength of materials, and is one of the ways you determine the strength of steel. Naming the company after the American brothers who created the Rockwell scale seemed like a strong reference to our all metal products and American manufacturing. And we thought it sounded pretty cool.

The Rockwell 6S is named because there are 6 distinct shave sizes, each one providing a unique amount experience. We wanted the name to highlight how adjustable the 6S is.

Any plans for new products?

We're always working on new products to upgrade your shave. Sign up for our mailing list to get new product release updates. Contact us if you have any ideas.

What are your razor's specs?

Assembled with the 1-3 plate the 6S weighs 118 grams. The other two plates are slightly larger, so the weight increases slightly if you use those plates.

The handle is 3 5/16” tall. The 6S is just shy of 4” tall.

How long does it take my razor to ship?

Please refer to our shipping information page for more information on shipping and deliveries.