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Based on 506 reviews
All made in CHINA

extremely disappointing as I thought this was made in Sweden. I did not see anywhere in description that it's made in China, like they are hiding the fact!! also description said 10 cents per shave. not really. they charge you $7 for shipping. I wouldn’t buy it if I new is not made in Sweeden.


I got onto Rockwell through Kickstarter after just starting to use a safety razor & these are exceptional in comparison to what I had used previously. The aftershave balm is great


This is my 3rd. Rockwell 6s Razor set. The first one I just got the adjustable head's with no cap or handle and it worked just fine for me. Since that time of a few year's I got two more complete set's . These razor's have been very good to me and I use them all the time. I rotate with my other razors so that I don't get bored. Sometimes I go to a bad razor because it has been so long since I used it that I forget what happened that caused me to put it on the side and as soon as I start to shave with it , it all comes back. Then I get the Rockwell 6s out and what a smooth shave with no nicking or razor burn's . If you are looking for a very good shave then this is the razor to get.

Rockwell Razors this is a song

При открыти коробки, на тебя смотрит хромированное чудо. Ручка, пластины, смотрятся солидно. В собранном состоянии станок довольно-таки увесистый. Детали подогнаны очень точно, при установе лезвия нет никаких перекосов. Три нижние пластины, шесть вариантов бритья, я думаю каждый человек найдет для себя любой из вариантов, чтобы бриться в удовольствие. Балансировка станка, приходится на 2/3 ручки, ближе к голове, в этом случае удобно бриться, чувствуешь соприкосновение с лицом. Можно взяться и за начало ручки, для этого выполнен срез на насечке, для удобства захвата пальцами.
Брился три раза, станок промыт и всеравно источает запах мыла - прекрасный запах, но это отдельная тема, отдельный отзыв про мыло.
Станок очень хорошо смотриться на подставке.
Что-ж, отдельное спасибо хочу сказать разработчикам и успехов в усовершенствовании этой бритвы к лучшему.

When you open the box, a chrome-plated miracle is looking at you. The handle, the plates, look solid. In the assembled state the razor is rather heavy. The details are adjusted very precisely, when the blade is installed, there are no distortions. Three lower plates, six shaving options, I think every person will find for himself any of the options, to shave in pleasure. Balancing the razor, falls on 2/3 of the handle, closer to the head, in this case it is convenient to shave, you feel in touch with the face. It is possible to take and for the beginning of the handle, for this purpose the cut on a notch is made, for convenience of capture by fingers.
Shaved three times, the razor was washed and vseravno exudes the smell of soap - a wonderful smell, but this is a separate topic, a separate tip about soap.
The razor looks very good on the stand.
Well, I want to say a special thank you to the developers and success in improving this razor for the better.

Great Razor!

I purchased the 6C for a friend after my enjoyment of the 6S. I was ecstatic to find that the weight and feel of the 6C was every bit on par with the 6S I also owned.

You really can't go wrong with these razors, and I'm achieving excellent shaves even with blades that I had written off as too harsh thanks to the performance with the 6 series of razors.

Super cheap and reliable

By far (at least that I know) this is the cheapest double sided blades that are qaulity

Nice razor.

I ordered this after watching some YouTube and reading the reviews, I really like the razor the fit and finish are fantastic, it has a nice heft to it, I put a new feather blade in it and used the 5,3, and 1 plates performing a 3 pass shave and it performed nicely, I'm very happy with it.

Rock solid Rockwell accessory

The inkwell razor stand fits my razor perfectly. It has a surprising heft to it which ensures that it won't easily be tipped over. The fit and finish and in particular the chroming are meticulous. If the T1 razor has a similar quality of chrome on all its parts when it arrives, I will expect it to last for several generations.


It's my first safety razor. I've been loving it, and have used every setting. Turns out my hair is very coarse, so after a couple days of growth I'm so glad to have the more aggressive settings available to take things down. I've even being doing three pass shaves with the different settings and getting really nice results after only a couple weeks of getting into this. Loving this, and will probably end up with a model t someday too.


Solid, clean, well designed and executed construction. Great shave.

Shaving brush review

Hello, I would have loved to give you feed back about the brush but I have not received it as yet. Will do so as soon as I can. Regards.


While I think the 6S is great, I love the 6C even more because chrome glides better on my skin. It's not only half the price, but it's made with the same quality craftsmanship. The chroming is excellent, and the build, while not steel, is still very sturdy with plenty of heft. The knurling on the handle is very grippy despite the chroming. This is a great deal, and a razor that should last many, many years.

6c is a great razor.

this is a high quality razor. the six different plates let you choose your level of comfort. I'm personally sticking with #3 as a daily shaver.

Inkwell Stand

Perfectly done.

6 - C Review

The 6-C double edge razor is built with precision. I had never used a DE razor before so I started with the #1 plate and after three shaves have found the #3 plate to be just right. A very nice razor.

This razor set is a tremendous bargain!

The Rockwell 6C is one of the smoothest shavers ever. Its efficiency depends on the baseplate. I prefer the 3 and 4 plates. The 6C is well-balanced and the highest quality!

I am very glad

This is my second razor (after Mercur 23c) and I do not want to try any more. (Though ... if only 6S :)) Thanks for this product!


Just what I love: simple design, great finish, efficiency!

Rockwell blades

I really like these blades. To me they are as sharp as feathers. But they seem to last much longer. I can get at least 4 shaves out of them.

the rockwell 6c

has become my every day razor

Leather Dopp from Rockwell

The leather dopp from Rockwell is like all Rockwell products very high quality. You can tell it is carefully designed for Rockwell razors (places for extra bases) but also for their soap and brushes because everything fits perfectly size wise. If you use other soap tubs this dopp my be a little small. I like Rockwell soap, oil, and brush and of course Rockwell 6S or 6C razors so it is the perfect travel companion. Awesome

Rockwell 6S-ADJUSTABLE SS Safety Razor

One of the best razors on the market. Built for comfort and value with plates that can be interchanged depending upon hair growth. Solid material. Shiny and popular with wet DE shavers. A great razor for beginners and professionals. Rockwell blades are good quality. Thanks to Gareth and Gregori for outstanding product and service. A must buy for men of all hair types!

Rockwell 6C Gunmetal

Great price. The handle is comfortable. Shiny and built well to last. I like the interchangeable plates. Will enjoy shaving for years.


Rockwell 6C Razor - Gunmetal

love at the first touch!!!

Rockwell 6S is my first stainless steel safety razor. I use Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades. My skin is less irritated now, especially on the neck. Beautiful razor. Highly recommended.

Masterfully manufactured

I thought finding a razor that was easier to use than my trusted Merkur 34c was impossible, but due to some raving reviews, I decided to purchase this DE razor.
The different base Plates are easy to use and the razor is quickly assembled. A perfect angle varies with the different levels of aggressiveness, but nothing to worry about, as they are discovered without any problems.
All in all, I am happy to say that the value for money received was top notch.
Now it is time to wait for the Model T... hopefully for Christmas.

Excellent razor!

I love this razor. The first time out of the box, it had a nice, hefty feel to it (being stainless steel). I put the R3 plate at first (I thought I had put in R2). Very first shave, and it was one of the most comfortable shaves ever. R3 for me was very mild, but a very close shave. I only needed a couple of passes for the most part. I highly recommend this razor. With it being stainless steel, it will last several lifetimes.

Great Razor! Built to last a lifetime!

I bought this razor after my son bought one and recommended it. It is a high quality razor that is built to last. I get a great shave with it. It will pay for itself in no time. The different plates are great so you can easily customize this razor to your skin type. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Quite a disappointment

After so many nice reviews and videos I could not think of anything but a thrill to try this 6C white chrome razor. Unfortunately but it did not happen. First the razor handle has a stain or spot of a different color which is quite visible and looks bad and the second thing - there were no blades in the package... I mean it might look nothing special but overall no joy at all. Still hope it will bring me good shaves.

Muy buen diseño!

Se siente el peso de la rasuradora , buen material, solo se demoraron un poco via DHL porque el paquete lo enviaron hasta Alemania, a esperar nomas pero vale la pena.

New DE shaver.

Started with a electric shaver and then multi-blade cartridges. Find the first " baby steps " of DE wet shaving great. The 6s is a big investment , but I wanted the best product available from the many reviews cited.Keep up the satisfactory work.I am a new ROCKWELL fan!

Amazing blades!

These blades are butter smooth! With my sensitive skin these blades are perfect! No irritation and a BBS shave every time!

Best razor i've ever used

Much grip with wet hands, awsome finish wich slides wonderful over the skin. The shave is very smooth and clean. Every man should have one!

Razor's hat

Love this thing, especially for traveling, fits in my shaving bag and I can reach blindly for it without a worry

Wonderful razor, wonderful customer service!

Have absolutely no complaints with the razor and associated products that I order; build quality and packaging is top notch. Special note has to be made about Rockwell Razors customer service; they were able to help me with a packaging/shipping error made on my part. Very fast response, friendly and professional. I will be recommending Rockwell to anyone I know looking to purchase a DE razor. Well done!

Rockwell 6s........

What can I say..... It's the best razor in my den and might the best looking as well!!!!! I love it!!!!!

Great Razor

This is the easiest Razor to use period. After you figure out which size to use when it's completely simple.
Buy a couple you will not regret spending the money on a quality product.

Best razor ever

Smooth shave, no nicks, easy to rinse, adjustable to the length of my stubble. In short, the best shaving experience ever. Beats all other fix or adjustable razors I have tried.

Fantastic Razor!

This is a great razor...only made better by the value. It gives me a great shave every time, and is quickly creeping it's way up the list of my favorite razors.

On top of that, the customer service is just fantastic. I had a very tiny issue upon delivery of my razor. It was so small that I almost didn't even want to bring it up, but I decided to send an email to customer service...and I received a response within minutes. Not only did they resolve my issue, they went far above and beyond with their resolution. The nicest people, and just great customer service.

I can't say enough good things about this razor and the company that stands behind it. Absolutely five star!

Rockwell 6c

This is a great razor I would recommend this recommend this razor to anyone. It shaves great with no razor using Rockwell blades.

Great razor

This was my second safetyrazor i bought. I just love the overal feel and quality of the razor. I have tried it on almost all settings and it was just a smooth shave on all of them. When the model T comes available i will definitely trie to get one. Great product, good communication, fast shipping to europe no addition cost. I highly recommend this product to all wet shavers out there! Greetings from Belgium


Looks sharp! Solid metal. Very well built & heavy. Functions and works well.
Looks great with my Rockwell razor in my bathroom

Ink well stand gunmetal

Very high quality product and elegant . Would definitely recommend

Can't beat it

I am spoiled by my Rockwell 6S. Can't even contemplate using a lesser razor now. Disappointed that they are sold out, as I wanted to buy one for my son. Hope it is just temporary.

Best safety razor I’ve owned

This is hands down one of the best safety razors I’ve ever owned. It is stainless steel so you need clr it very now and then.

A great razor

This razor is very easy to use, a very good product. I'm very happy to have it and use it every day !


All your products are really awesome. I don't have any irritations anymore after using your pre-shave oil + shave cream + Rockwell Razor.

Its the best combination ever. I literally bled everytime I had to shave.

Thank you so much. The only thing was that the shipping took quite some time, but that is probably not your fault.

Love This Razor--Awesome Quality

This is one awesome Razor..The weight is perfect, the adjusting plates are great.I would easily give it an A+

The best razor I've personally ever used.

Super aggressive razors nick me. Super mild razors won't shave me.. I'm one of "those" guys haha.
This Razor does EVERYTHING.
I've now had it for a month and have officially received a BBS shave plates 1-5. My daily shave? I can do a 2 pass BBS on plate 3 or a 3 pass (3rd pass is a buff pass) with plate 2.

I've never had a razor, new or vintage, that has been so enjoyable to use, so easy to shave with, and that has never, in more than 30 shaves, nicked or cut me once.

I really don't know that I'll ever need to replace this razor - or consider a new razor - unless Rockwell figures out a way to top themselves.

If you are on the fence, you need to buy this thing - seriously - hands down my favorite razor out of the 50 (vintage and new) that I own.

Super Razor !!!

Good quality, good work !!!
Thank you, very, very, very good !!!

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