Mr. Gladstone Fine Solid Cologne

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  • Mr. Gladstone crafts natural, solid wax-based colognes designed to roam, navigate and traverse life's thrilling paths with effortless confidence.
  • Portable, spill-proof and discreet, a mere dab on the pulse points has the endurance and vigor to withstand a long day's journey into night.
  • To apply, lightly slide a finger over cologne and dab onto pulse points such as the wrist, or behind the ears and neck.
  • Cathay Solid Cologne - Fine Fragrance Reminiscent of 1932 Shanghai

    A spicy, musky romp that is unforgivingly captivating.

    Opulence at the Cathay Hotel isn’t just chandeliers and marble. Thick smoke swirls around the jazz bar while captivating women prowl in silk dresses, sipping on cocktails. It’s where underground syndicates meet the refined social elite, European decadence adulterates Chinese tradition, and sin and seduction casually collide.

    Cathay's captivating & confident scent notes include: sandalwood, mandarin, vanilla, amber, musk, and white clover honey.

Customer Reviews

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These solid colognes use the finest ingredients

Just amazing

Wonderful smell and perfectly easy to apply. Thumbs up!


I bought all three of the solid colognes. They're nicely packaged and are just the right size to slip in your trouser pockets. The colognes smell great and are easy to apply. I'm new to solid colognes so I don't know if this unique to them or not but I find I have to reapply the cologne through the day if you want to remain smelling great. Otherwise I'd recommend them

Amazing scent!

This is a fantastic product. Smells SO good and easy/small enough to keep in your pocket on a long evening out. Haven't had it long enough to know how long it will last.

Exceeded Expectations.

This exceeded my expectations. The solid cologne is convenient. Each of the fragrances hits a different type (oriental, woody, fresh) and does it very well. The only reason I'm marking them 4 stars instead of 5 is because I'm not sure how they do with projection (aka siliage). They they seem to be lacking in both, but that could simply be because I'm not used to solid cologne. I've been using them as a base to other fragrances, and that seems to work well, and makes the other fragrances last longer.


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Worth the purchase!

Just ordered this 5/6 plate to test out for myself to see if it's better than using 2/4 plate so far was using 5 to start then switch to 3 for final pass. It works good but will try 6 later on when I'm used to using #5.

Great close shave!

That razor just glides through the foam leaving smooth skin behind! Awesome.

razor fits like a glove

My 6c fits into the inkwell razor stand like a glove.

Excellent shave

I had initially purchased a cheep Qshave razor on amazon just to test the waters. After a couple shaves, I knew I didn't want to go back to cartridge shaving. I decided to pull the trigger and buy a DE razor that would last my lifetime. I ended up finding the rockwell 6s highly recommended on many youtube channels and forums.

The shave I get with this razor is impeccable. Plates 3 and 4 are perfect for everyday shaves, and plates 5 and 6 are great when I neglect shaving for a fewdays-weeks. The construction of the problem and finish is awesome. I love the look of the razor. Very satisfied customer.