Rockwell 2C - Double Edge Safety Razor


A razor that adjusts to your skin type and stubble length, so you get a close, comfortable shave - every time! The 2C is perfect for budget conscious shavers to get started with Rockwell's patented adjustability and precision-engineered, optimized blade angles. Say goodbye to razor burn for good and say hello to the closest, most comfortable shave of your life.

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  • • Eliminates shaving irritation and in-grown hairs for a close, comfortable shave, every time.

    • Includes Rockwell sizes 1 and 3 - our most popular settings, making the Rockwell 2C a great beginner classic razor.

    • Cast from premium high-end chromed zinc alloys with a striking White Chrome finish.

    • Precision engineered blade angles provide the ultimate shaving experience.

    • Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome razor

Great razor!

I bought a 2/4 base plate with it and love the flexibility it gives me. I’m using the 3 & 4 settings. They give a very comfortable shave. The handle is also a great part of the product that deserves mentioning.

Wife loves it

Ordered this for my wife as she tested out my gunmetal 2C and liked it for her legs and underarm.

Super smooth shave

I used the think safety razors were just for men, but wow let me tell you this is the closest shave I've had...ever. I started using this razor at setting 1, but quickly increase the sharpness to a 3. It works well on long or short hair, and same settings for legs and armpits worked fine.bonus, this razor didn't leave behind the dry skin my old 5 blade used to.

Be sure you have a soap that gives a good lather.

Best Quality for the Fair Price

Plate 1: Ideal if you shave everyday and have a sensitive skin. For normal shaving, it doesn’t provide a very close shaving experience.
Plate 3: Fine and clean but not close. I’ll buy plate 2/4 for close shaving.

The product quality is great and it’s balance is perfect. Thank you Rockwell Razor.

Introducing: The rockwell 2C

The Rockwell Chrome Series is a modern take on the classic safety razor - an adjustable razor that delivers a truly personalized shaving experience.

Single blade = better shave

All multi-blade cartridges have a fundamental design flaw and your skin suffers for it. With multiple blades, cartridge razors can pull hairs and cut them below skin level. When hairs are cut beneath the skin, they often curl and bend as they grow back, leading to skin irritation, and painful razor bumps. There's even a Wikipedia article explaining this! 

How it Compares

The 2C is the value choice, offering our two most popular sizes.

An Incredible Journey

We had an immensely enriching experience with our first Kickstarter campaign, and the relationships we formed with all of our backers through Kickstarter are second to none. 2,054 backers pre-ordered a Chrome Series Rockwell Razor, re-invented their shave and haven't looked back since!

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Let customers speak for us

1752 reviews
Worth the purchase!

Just ordered this 5/6 plate to test out for myself to see if it's better than using 2/4 plate so far was using 5 to start then switch to 3 for final pass. It works good but will try 6 later on when I'm used to using #5.

Great close shave!

That razor just glides through the foam leaving smooth skin behind! Awesome.

razor fits like a glove

My 6c fits into the inkwell razor stand like a glove.

Excellent shave

I had initially purchased a cheep Qshave razor on amazon just to test the waters. After a couple shaves, I knew I didn't want to go back to cartridge shaving. I decided to pull the trigger and buy a DE razor that would last my lifetime. I ended up finding the rockwell 6s highly recommended on many youtube channels and forums.

The shave I get with this razor is impeccable. Plates 3 and 4 are perfect for everyday shaves, and plates 5 and 6 are great when I neglect shaving for a fewdays-weeks. The construction of the problem and finish is awesome. I love the look of the razor. Very satisfied customer.