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Rockwell Blades - Swedish Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor Blades

We don’t believe there’s any value in paying a shaving club and the postal service to ration cartridges to you one month at a time. You don't need to overpay for 6 blade cartridges, extra lube strips and and pivoting balls on your face to get a great shave. The Rockwell Razor 100 Blade pack offers a two years supply of blades for $10 delivered - that's 10 cents a blade.

Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are made of Swedish Stainless Steel, and are compatible with all double-edge safety razors. The pure stainless steel that forms these blades protects them against rust, while the specialized treatment that crafts these blades ensures the blades retain their exceptional sharpness. Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades are certain to provide a smooth, close shave at an unbelievable price. Each blade is individually double-wrapped to ensure the sharpness of each blade. 

Our goal in creating a safety razor blade was to offer the best safety razor blade on the market, at a better price than other blades. The attention to detail and manufacturing innovations that have gone into crafting the Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blade have produced a blade that we feel meets both these criteria. Rockwell Blades are compatible with all double-edge safety razors, but we highly recommend using them with the Rockwell 6S.

The Rockwell Blade Safe

The Rockwell Blade Safe is a safe, convenient way to dispose of used double-edge razor blades. The Rockwell Blade Safe is made of tin and fits all double-edge razor blades and is completely recyclable - once it's full, simply throw it in the recycling!

Rockwell Razors Blade Bank Recyclable Safety Razors Blade Disposal

Why Shave With a Double-Edge Razor Blade?

The single blade of a classic safety razor means that you can shave with the grain of your facial hair - irritation-free - and get a smooth shave much better and easier than cartridges can. Most men find shaving with a Rockwell 6S to be a calming experience, and the process of classic shaving to be more relaxing and ritualistic than shaving with cartridge razor. 

Double-edge razor blades are a fraction of the cost of cartridge razors. Here's an illustration of how much money you'll save using Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades instead of a cartridge razor. 

Rockwell Razor Blades save you money.



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